Monday, November 17, 2014

Let it Snow!!

Family and Friends! 
Wow. I have completed my first transfer. Crazy, crazy how fast time goes by on the mission. There have been so many funny, spiritual, sad, hard experiences. That is what makes everything worth it. We would not appreciate the good without the bad. Just some funny instances this past week:
This whole transfer I had an ear infection so my hearing was really muffled in one of my ears. We were at a dinner appointment at a members home:
(Talking about how long we have been serving)
Sister Whitt: Is this your second?
Me: No, Sister Furniss
Sister Whitt: What?
Sister Gadi: Yes this is her second month. 
Me: OH!! I thought you asked if my name was sister second...

After the dinner thought...
Sister Whitt: Sister Second will you offer the closing prayer? 
I am happy to inform everybody my ear infection is gone, and I can now hear clearly. :)

Eating lunch after District Meeting:
Sister Gadi: I am so tired of chewing.
Elder Harr: I have heard a lot of 1st world problems, but that is the most extreme.
Sister Gadi: Elder Harr, I am from Los angeles. Everything I say is first world and worldly. 

Enjoying our first snowfall: (Sister Gadi has never seen snow before.)
Sister Gadi: This is going to be my first white Christmas!
Me: Whoo!!
Sister Gadi: I have never celebrated Christmas with white people before!

I'm glad I am the reason she gets to have her first white Christmas. 

On a more spiritual side...
This week was amazing. We went tracting around a neighborhood where we were going to be eating dinner at a members home. We parked in one part of the neighborhood, but just as we were about to get out of the car we didn't feel right about tracting there. So, we moved to a different part of the neighborhood. We knocked on one particular door and introduced ourselves. The lady said she is a member but is currently less active. They just moved here from Texas. We visited with her for a little while and found out she is the only member in her family. She invited us to have dinner in her home this week. I am so excited to teach her family and get to know them! It is amazing to witness so many miracles. I am excited to see the plan Heavenly Father has for this sweet family. 
We also had a lesson with a lady named Marie. She said she has been to several churches, and they all have a similar thread. We asked her why she has attended so many different religions and she said, "I don't know, I'm just searching for something but I don't know what I am searching for." We testified of the Restoration. This is the same church Christ established when He lived on earth. We had an amazing lesson with her, the spirit definitely taught it. We invited her to read and pray about The Book of Mormon. I am so excited to help her discover what she is looking for. Being a missionary is AWESOME!!! 
I hope everyone is staying warm!! 
Sister Furniss 

P.S. This is Sister Gadi having way too much fun with the first snow fall. :) 

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