Monday, March 2, 2015

I Know Jesus Christ Loves Me

Hello family and friends!! 

I love being a missionary so much. Some days are definitely harder than others, but I am thankful for each day. I have the opportunity to constantly be out of my comfort zone and with that comes growth. 
Towards the beginning of my mission I would really get shaken up when somebody would tell me I am believing a lie. It really made me question. I would feel angry towards the person and wonder why they would say such horrible things. This past week we were tracting and we knocked on a man's door who wasn't very happy to see us standing on his doorstep. Right from the get go he made a point to tell us we are wrong. He told us over and over that we can't "know" anything. I expressed that I think we can. He told me to tell him something I know. I responded with the first thing that came to my mind. "I know Jesus Christ loves me." 
After walking away from his door I felt kind of silly for saying that. But after I have given it some thought, that is the base of my testimony. I know that Jesus Christ loves me and I know that everything we have been given in this life is a result of that love. The gospel, the Plan of Salvation, the scriptures, our family...etc. Another thing that came to my mind was the love that Jesus Christ has for that man. I didn't feel any anger at all, because I know he is a child of God. I am grateful for this sacred experience to serve a mission because I am learning charity. Something that I have always struggled with- and something that I will never have perfectly. But, I know that through the Atonement I can make my weaknesses become strengths. 
We met a man named Dwight in December. Sister Gadi and I caroled to him as we were tracting. He gave us his contact info. We have tried to see him ever since, but have been unable to find him at home. This past week Sister Smith and I knocked on his door and he was home! He was so excited to see us because he thought he would never have the opportunity to talk to us again. He told us that he wanted to invite us in the first time we met him, but his wife was sick so he wasn't able to. He knows a lot about the history of our church and is very interested in it. He didn't know anything about the doctrine. We taught him the Restoration. The spirit was very strong in that lesson. I am so excited to continue teaching him! He is very, very prepared. 

I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister Furniss

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