Monday, March 9, 2015

There is Sunshine in My Soul

Dear family and friends!!

We had such a wonderful week! Not to mention it has been in the 70s. The weather has been beautiful. Perfect for missionary work! 

We met a lot of really awesome people this week. One man is David Contestable. He is so cool! We met him tracting a couple weeks ago. We went to follow up on The Book of Mormon we left with him. He invited us in and we taught the Restoration. Everything made so much sense to him! He is super prepared and really excited to learn more about the restored gospel. 

Our investigator Joshua is incredible. His countenance has really changed since the first time we met him. That is so amazing to witness. When we first met him he did not believe in Jesus Christ. In our last appointment he brought his New Testament and Book of Mormon because he wants to learn more about Christ's teachings. He had not believed the New Testament before, but he has been reading it a lot lately! The Book of Mormon with the Spirit seriously works miracles. His progression all started with The Book of Mormon. 

We met a man named Dwight. Sister Gadi and I tracted into him during Christmas when we caroled as we were tracting. Sister Smith and I went back a couple of weeks ago to follow up with him. He was so happy that we came back! I have gained such a strong testimony of consistency on the mission! Dwight grew up R-LDS but hasn't gone to church since he was a little boy. He has pretty much studied our religion his whole life, but for some reason has never gone to church or talked to missionaries. When people ask him what religion he is he says "Mormon." :)  He came to church yesterday and loved it! The speaker's talks were very inspired because they talked a lot about things Dwight has had questions about. 

I love being a missionary so much. I have learned a lot this past 5 months. 

I hope everybody back at home is doing well. 

Please write me!!! ;) 


Sister Furniss 

Pictures: An amazing 94 year old woman named Lola Neudling. (Mother Teresa of Eureka :) )

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