Monday, April 27, 2015

I Know that My Redeemer Lives

Dear Family and Friends,

This week was so incredible. There is a street in a little town called Smithton that we have been really feeling like we need to tract. We stay pretty busy with appointments so we haven't really had time to tract, but we finally had a day this week where we had a little bit of time to tract this street on the way to another appointment. We knocked on a door and a man named Tom answered. He offered us some water, so we took him up on his offer and he invited us in. We taught him the message of the Restoration. He got very emotional several times during the lesson. The Spirit was so strong. He told us that he knows there is a special reason why we knocked on his door that day. It was amazing to see the Lord's guidance in helping us find Tom. 

Right after meeting Tom we went to our appointment with our investigator Lori. Her granddaughter
This is Annette. She is so cute!

Annette has been there for like every lesson so we asked Lori if we could start teaching Annette as well. Lori was more than happy to let us start teaching her. We taught Annette the simple but profound truth that she is a daughter of God and that she is loved. She has a really, really hard life. We taught her how to pray and taught her about the power of prayer. Annette is 12 years old. I love her beyond words. 

Yesterday we went over to Lori's again after church. We have invited Lori to be baptized several times, but she just hasn't felt ready. We invited her again yesterday and set a date for June 6th! The member that was with us also pointed out that her husband (Who has been less active for over 30 years) can baptize her! Lori was smiling from ear to ear. We also invited Annette to be baptized that day! So Lori and Annette will be getting baptized the same day, and Lori's husband Jerry will be baptizing them!! It was truly a miracle. I love the Smith family so much. It has been so amazing to watch them learn and grow together. 

We had dinner at a Chinese restaurant with the Cupp family this week and I ate Octopus, squid and frog leg! I was actually surprised by how good they tasted! I can finally say I have had Octopus, I have always wanted to taste it. Haha. 

Sister Tonnies made this for me. (My mom doesn't know how to rotate it.)
No words can describe how much I love being a missionary. This is definitely the best decision I have made thus far in my life. 

I love you all so much!! 


Sister Furniss 

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