Monday, April 13, 2015

Shall we not go on in so great a cause?

Dear Family and Friends,

I love being a missionary so much. It is weeks like this past one that just really opens up my eyes even more that this truly is the Lord's work. 

Our investigator Becky is incredible. We set a baptismal date with her this past week. She downloaded the gospel library app and she reads Preach My Gospel along with The Book of Mormon, so she is always really prepared when we come to teach her. She came to church yesterday and all of the talks were really what she needed to hear. It has been amazing to watch her progress. She told us how she has felt so empty, but since she has been meeting with us she feels so much happier and more of a purpose. 

One day after we were visiting a less active we saw an elderly lady in her neighborhood sitting on a walker trying to rake her lawn. We really wanted to help her so we drove down to the end of the trailer court and turned around to find somewhere to park. As we came back she was heading inside so we figured it was too late. As we drove off the Spirit prompted us to turn around. At this point we had been a couple miles away. So I turned the car around and as we came back the lady had come back outside. We walked up to her and asked if we could help her rake her yard. She told us that we weren't dressed right to do it...but we insisted. As we were raking, she expressed how grateful she was for us helping her. She has arthritis in her back and knees so this was not an easy task, but she really wanted to get it done. Her name is Annie. Afterwards, she invited us in for some soda. We got to know her more. We shared a copy of The Book of Mormon with her. She was very appreciative of it. We set up a time to come back, we will be seeing her again on Saturday. I am so grateful the Lord guided us to meet Annie. I am excited to help her come closer to Christ. 

I know that this is the Lord's work. As missionaries, we would be lost without the Spirit's guidance. I know that the fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know this without a doubt. 

In our district, 2 of the Elders had birthdays and our district leader hit his half way mark so Sister Tonnies and I decided to make a cake and decorate the room for district meeting. So we left a little bit earlier to decorate the room with balloons and such. As we were decorating, we heard a knock on the church door. We saw a guy outside lifting up our windshield wipers on our car and we thought what in the world is this guy doing?? So we walked outside of the church nervous that he was trying to vandalize our car or something. It turned out he thought the Elders were here (he is one of their investigators) and wanted to show that he had been here by lifting up their windshield wipers. So, we visited with him a little bit and told him the Elders weren't here yet. He drove away and Sister Tonnies and I turned around to go back into the church only to realize we had locked ourselves out of the building.  We were so frustrated because we didn't finish decorating and a huge thunder storm was rolling in just at this moment and anyone who knows me...knows that I HATE thunder storms. The rain was pounding down and we were just locked outside...haha  Just then our district leader and the East St. Louis Elders showed up and they didn't have keys either. So we were all locked outside of the building waiting for the Elders in our ward to get there. oh boy. The other Elders FINALLY showed up. They all made fun of me for that one, I clearly think ahead a lot. They liked the cake and decorations though. :) 

I hope you all have a great week!! Please write me! I really want to know what is happening in your lives. I love you! 

Love, Sister Furniss 

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