Monday, June 8, 2015

"Behold, I say unto you, I cannot say the smallest part which I feel."

Dear Family & Friends, 

WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEK!!! I cannot express the feelings in my heart right now. When Elder Christofferson came last week he told us that if we go home and feel like God owes us because we worked so hard on our missions then Elder Christofferson would "haunt us." It was pretty funny but he talked about how amazingly blessed we are to come on a mission. He said "before the mission you were in debt to the Lord, and now being on a mission your debt is increasing every day." I have reflected on that a lot this past week. I truly am indebted to the Lord for allowing me to serve a full time mission. 

I was able to witness two women I love dearly enter the waters of baptism on Saturday. It has been beautiful witnessing the Spirit work miracles in their lives. The baptismal services were so, so special, filled with tears of joy. It was amazing to watch Jerry baptize his wife after being less active from the church for over 30 years. The Atonement is real. I know that because I have experienced its power in my life and I have witnessed it change the lives of others. I love Becky and Lorie. They have taught me so much. 

We also had one of the most powerful lessons I have ever had on my mission with another part member family we are working with, the Silvas. Sis Silva has been wanting to see the temple really badly so on Wednesday the Silvas drove us to the temple. We walked around the beautiful temple grounds. The Spirit was so strong. We then went into the waiting room of the temple. A member of the temple presidency came down to welcome them to the temple. We asked how Brother Silva was feeling. (Side note: bro Silva doesn't EVER talk in the lessons. He hasn't been to church in about 50 years.) He mentioned the pictures hanging on the wall. One was a picture of Christ teaching in the temple and the other one was Christ in the garden of Gethsemane. He said he hasn't seen those pictures since he went to church as a little boy. We talked about those pictures for awhile then it was silent. Every time Sister Tonnies and I would try to say something the Spirit would not allow us to speak. Surprisingly, bro Silva was the one to break the silence. He really opened up to us and said a lot of things that even his wife had never heard before. This lesson was a HUGE stepping stone in bro Silva starting on the path to come back, and for his wife to come with him. 

-Christ still teaches in the temple.-

I feel so beyond blessed to be able to witness the Lord's work move forward. I love this gospel- and I know it is true with all of my heart. 

I love you all.

Sister Furniss 
Fireflies are MAGICAL!!!

At the temple with the Silvas

Becky's baptism
Having fun playing "dress up" at an antique shop on Pday.

Branch Fishing Activity hosted by the Weakly Family

Lorie's baptism

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