Monday, August 10, 2015

What a Wonderful World!


It was another adventurous week in Mexico! Just some highlights:

1: I ripped out almost all of the eye lashes on my left eye...
Here is the story...
I was getting ready for the day just happily curling my eye lashes when all of a sudden a GINORMOUS ant crawled on my foot. Because of reflexes my arm jerked ripping out my eye lashes. I came out of the bathroom crying saying "I look like a boy!!" Sister Kimball didn't even know how to react. She just started laughing and said "do we need to go to walmart and buy you some eye lashes?" Hahahaha. It was a great start to the day. I'm grateful there is just enough there so my eye isn't completely bald.. :) 

On a more spiritual note...

2: Lee, the husband of a member in our ward got baptized on Saturday. It was a beautiful baptism. The Spirit was so strong. Lee was just smiling from ear to ear. Him and his wife will be going to the Nauvoo temple on Saturday to do baptisms there. 

3: I saw Patriarch Taylor and his wife on Thursday! I walked into the building (we were having interviews with our mission president) as I walked around the corner I saw Sister Taylor and she exclaimed "KIMILLE!!!!" I had not heard my first name in so long that it didn't even ring a bell. It was kind of a weird moment. It was SO good to see them! They are in the same zone as me, so I will be seeing themtomorrow as well! It feels good to have a little piece of home in the Columbia Missouri zone. Savannah Williams will be coming in about a 9 weeks! I am really excited to see her as well. 

I am really starting to love it here. For my family in Utah, my ward is almost EXACTLY like the Wales, UT ward. My ward mission leader reminds me a lot of my Uncle Melvin. 

It has been so fun an interesting white washing an area! 

I love you all! Have a great week. 

Sister Furniss 

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  1. It is so fun reading your emails, you had me laughing and wishing I could see photos of your bald eye. So happy to hear of the success out there, they are so lucky to have such a sweet sister Missionary. Love you lots!!