Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Transfer Week! Week 12 in Mexico, MO


This week marks 12 weeks for Sister Kimball, which means she is almost done being trained, and it also means that transfers is coming soon. :( 

We had a great week. On Monday we all went to the "Devil's ice box" with all of the sister missionaries in our zone. It is a hike with some caves. It was beautiful! It was great to go out and enjoy nature. 

Saturday we had a great day. Some members in our ward invited us over for dinner and said we could invite some people we are teaching as well. As this member went to pick up some of our investigators, she saw some less actives in the ward and invited them, and she also invited one of her friends from work. It was great to be able to teach them all! 

My favorite part of this week, and probably a highlight experience of my entire mission happened Saturday night. It was about 8:30 at night and we felt like we should go visit an active member in our ward. We knocked on her door and she was just in awe that we were there. She kept saying: "how did you know to come??" She then told us that they were over at her mother's house doing some service for her and her grandson's friend Charles helped. Sister Rickman's mom asked Charles about his religious background and invited him to church. He said he would come. 
After Sister Rickman told us about that she said "would you like to meet Charles?" We said "of course!" But we thought that she meant the next day at church. To our surprise she yelled "CHARLES!!" So Charles came out and we got to know him. Probably one of the neatest kids I have ever met. We felt prompted to teach him the Plan of Salvation. Before we even brought it up, Charles said "I really want to get baptized. I don't really know what it is, or how to do it, but I know that it is something I need to do." The Plan of Salvation made so much sense to him. Wow. The Spirit was so thick in that room. 
The next day we were in the chapel and Sacrament meeting had begun...but no Charles. We were so bummed, but lo and behold, Charles walked in the chapel!! It took everything for me and Sister Kimball to not freak out too much. We were so excited. After Sacrament meeting we went over to say hello, and Charles came even without his friend who didn't feel like going. He stayed for all 3 hours and afterwards he expressed to us how much he loved church. It was really cool because the lesson in gospel principles went right along with the Plan of Salvation! If we had not taught it the night before, Charles would have been pretty confused. Sister Rickman pulled us aside at church and told us that after we left her house the night we met Charles, Charles told her that during the closing prayer he felt such a warm feeling in his heart. He said that he feels that this is the right path for him. Another back story to this: about 2 weeks ago Charles started hanging with the wrong crowd, he started doing drugs and other things. He said "I didn't want to go down that path. So I prayed to God that He would help me. Ever since I started praying things have just been falling into place." Two weeks later- he meets the missionaries. THIS WORK IS SO REAL!!! I know with out a doubt that the Lord is at the head of this work. He is preparing His children to receive the fullness of the gospel. 
There is no greater joy in the world than witnessing one of Heavenly Father's children hear the Plan of Salvation and see that it has a familiar ring to them. We all learned about the Plan of Salvation before this life. So when we teach it to others all we are really doing is reminding our brothers and sisters of this glorious plan of happiness!! 

Thank you for all of the support. I love you all!! 

Love, Sister Furniss

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