Thursday, December 17, 2015

'Tis the Season to be Jolly


Springfield is such a great area! I'm loving it here. It is a little bit harder to get to know compared to my past areas, just because of the size. I love living in the city though!! Every Wednesday we do service at the breadline. I love meeting all of the people and seeing how each of them react to life differently. They are all really struggling, a majority of these people are homeless. It was interesting for me to see how some of them were very bitter people, while others were so grateful for the food they received and the blessings that they do have in their lives, instead of focusing on the negative. It made me reflect on my attitude in life. Do I live with a grateful heart, or am I always looking for the negative and the things I feel I don't have? It's always great to take a step back and reflect. 

Yesterday Andy got confirmed a member of the church! Last Sunday he was baptized by complete surprise! He called and left a voicemail and said that he wants to get baptized the next week, but he wanted it to be a surprise for his wife. Last Sunday, we told his wife Lori that we were taking her to a lesson with us. We walked into the church, walked into the relief society room and Andy was there in all white. Everybody in the room was completely silent. Lori was beyond happy to see her husband make this decision. It was a beautiful surprise. 

This week was CRAAAZY!! We had zone conference and Sister Reed and I had to give trainings on working with the ward council. I'm grateful for Sister Reed, we teach really well in unity which I love!! I have always known we would be companions. I know that sounds super cheesy...but it is true. We are truly best friends. 

We had back to back exchanges this week. I went to Danville with Sister Henrie, then to Rantoul with Sister Hulme. It is so fun to get to know different sisters in the mission! 

I love the Christmas season!! 


Sister Furniss 

Zone Conference! All of the sisters in the 2 zones. 
"Nice sweaters." -President Morgan
Showed up to zone conference and the zone leaders were wearing matching ties as well. Too much comp unity?
St. Louis Temple!!

Feliz Navidad

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Exchange with Sister Hulme in Rantoul!

Exchange with Sister Henrie in Danville!

Showed up to zone conference and the zone leaders were wearing matching ties as well.
Too much comp unity?
Zone conference!  All of the sisters in the two zones.
"Nice sweaters." --President Morgan

The Lincoln monument! 
(You are supposed to rub his nose for good luck.)

Lincoln's tomb 

Gettysburg address on his tomb

I love Illinois!! 

Not just rain boots, snot boots!! ...oh Sister Reed.

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