Monday, January 4, 2016

2016. <------ WHAT???

Happy New Year!! 

I hope you all had a great New Years! New Years eve is pretty uneventful as a missionary, but it was really fun. We went over to a recent converts house and played games and visited with each other. Then we came home and went to bed at 10:30! :) 

On Monday we went to visit a less active young woman in our ward. We were able to meet her mom as well who is not a member of the church! She is really open and interested, she just never joined for some reason! I'm really excited to start teaching her the discussions and help her prepare for baptism! 

We met with our investigator Dynetta this week. She is awesome! It is really cool how she discovered the church. Her daughter is really good friends with a member, Miranda,  in our ward. One day, Dynetta took her daughter and Miranda to 6 flags. Miranda didn't bring all the clothes she needed , so Dynetta told her she could borrow a tank top and directed her to a bag she could look through. Miranda looked through the bag but didn't find anything she felt comfortable wearing. So Dynetta,kind of out of frustration, asked her why she wasn't getting any of the clothes. Miranda expressed that she didn't feel comfortable wearing any of the clothes because they didn't cover her up enough and they went against the standards of her church. Dynetta grabbed her and hugged her because she was so proud of this 13 year old for standing up for her beliefs, even if it was kind of awkward. She admired that so much because it always starts with the small things. Anyway, after that Dynetta asked Miranda what church she goes to. This was when Dynetta started talking more openly to this family about the gospel. The missionaries started teaching her a couple months ago! She is doing great, and LOVES the church! We were able to set a baptismal date with her this past week. I'm so excited for her. 

On Christmas Eve we were in a parking lot and we saw 2 gentlemen, so we walked up to them. Their names are Hosu and Maeson. They recently moved here from Africa! They are the nicest guys. We talked to them for a little while and exchanged contact info. They expressed that they have recently been looking for a church family. Yesterday at church Sister Reed and I were kind of frustrated because we didn't think any of the people we have been teaching came to church. We turned around after the meeting was over and saw Hosu, Maeson and Dynetta! It was awesome to see them all there, and it was a beautiful testimony meeting. We will be meeting with Hosu and Maeson this week again! I'm so excited! The Lord truly does place those who are prepared in our path. 

I love being a missionary!! I know I say that in like every email...but it's true. I love this work so much. 

I love you all!! Have a great week! 


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