Monday, February 15, 2016

"How Great Shall Be Your Joy"


I love being a missionary. I love finding joy in the small things. I love the joy that comes when an investigator says a prayer for the first time. I love the joy of waking up in the morning and knowing that everything I am going to do that day is to serve the Lord. I love the joy of inviting someone to baptism. The list goes on and on.  This morning in companionship study, my companion and I discussed a talk that I love. It's called "The Quest for Joy" by Barbara Workman. In the talk she says something that really stood out to me. She said: 
"Joy is learning to make friends with mortality"
There is something lasting in the word joy. There is hope in the word joy. Having joy doesn't always mean that life is going to be perfect and that things are going to be pleasant all the time. Having joy to me means that no matter the circumstances, no matter what happens in mortality, I will have gratitude because I will know that all things are possible because of Jesus Christ. 

It was a great week. Last Sunday a member in our ward walked up to us and said that there was someone that she wanted us to meet. She introduced us to Victoria. Victoria is amazing. She is 19 years old and I love her already. We met with her this week and she is already so on fire with the gospel. In sunday school the teacher handed out the lesson for next week so we could prepare for it. We met with Victoria just two days later and the page was filled with highlights and notes. She is so excited to learn more. She has such a special spirit about her. I am grateful the Lord has allowed me to meet Victoria. She came to church yesterday as well. We had a wonderful sacrament meeting, but just as sunday school was starting somebody walked in and said that church was cancelled because of the weather. :( This was the first time church has been cancelled on my mission because of the weather! 

Some things that I learned this week:
1: When the super glue bottle breaks, make sure that you don't get the glue all over your hands.
2: The Lord's timing is perfect, just be patient. 
3: The mid west doesn't handle a couple of inches of snow very well. 

I love the gospel. I have found so much joy in sharing this message with the people of Springfield! It is so hard to believe I only have 1 more transfer left! Time goes by way too quickly. 

I love youns so much!!! 


Sister Furniss  
So dramatic! I wish I could come up with a clever caption.

Church was cancelled

Springfield Melocream donuts Mmmmmmm
Trying to fix a button on my boots

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