Monday, February 22, 2016

Pictures to go with "First Week of My Last Transfer!"

FHE with the Guthrie family! We talked about the "seed of faith" in Alma 32 and each planted our own seeds! The catch is, you can only water your plant when you do your scripture study and say your prayers each day.

Materials table at the "Meet the Mormons" night

The dessert table with President Hinckley's b's!

One of the youth brought 5 of his friends to the activity! I just snapped a picture of the Elders talking to them. :)

The articles of faith!

Couldn't have done it without Dynetta!! (This is Dynetta with her two daughters Myera and Saniah)


We did it!!


 DOUG!! He just started coming back to church, and went to the temple for the first time last week! So awesome!!

Sister Rhoades! She is amazing.

Gangstas!! "Squat sister Rhoades!" "I can't squat, I'm an old lady!!" Hahaha, I love her.

Our ward mission leader, Brother Rhoades.

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